New at-home workout brings more than just physical benefits

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Many have heard of Crossfit, but now there is a new workout you can do at home.

Veronika Javor has a full-time job, a popular blog, and two kids to keep her busy, leaving her almost no time to work out on her own.

“I’m a mom of two kids and I actually didn’t work out during either of my pregnancies, I was really sick, and postpartum you know I went back to work full-time and just balancing all of that I never made the time for myself,” Javor said.

But that has all changed with P.Volve.

“When you first start doing it, it’s like no other program you’ve ever done,” she said. “The movement also seems kind of strange but once you see the benefits that your body has from doing the workouts it’s hard to stop, you get addicted.”

The work out is most closely compared to pilates or bar, but Javor noted that it is different than both.

“P.Volve is also different from those because there’s no pulsing and P.Volve, you only do 8 repetitions of every move.”

This has helped her achieve mental benefits as well and saved her time and money.

“I always kind of thought that working out with something you kind of had to do and I would kind of dread it and so since I’ve been doing this I’ve been able to be consistent and it’s like some of the best $30 I spend every month.”

The monthly streaming service is $30 and most of the equipment costs more than that, so your price will add up, but not all workouts require the use of the equipment.

To find out more about this at home workout system, click here.

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