New mental health facility opens in Topeka

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Mental health care is needed more than ever. Now, Topeka has another place to get treatment.

Breakaway TMS just opened up in Topeka, offering psychiatry services and the latest treatment for depression, Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (Deep TMS). This is an FDA cleared, non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic fields through a helmet to stimulate areas of the brain associated with depression.

“The exciting thing in Deep TMS is that over 80% of patients will get a 50% reduction in symptoms they are experiencing. And in Deep TMS over 50% of the patients we are treating, are actually getting the full remission, to where they don’t have any depression at all,” Dr. David Wichman, the Medical Director at Breakaway TMS in Topeka, said.

The procedure requires daily 20-minute sessions for six weeks. There is no medication involved in this treatment. Anyone 18 years and older is eligible for the procedure and it’s covered by most insurance plans.

For more information, email Breakaway TMS at or call them at (785) 329-5344.

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