Research says being around plants benefits daily life

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Gardening and simply being around plants can add many benefits to your daily life, according to research by K-State Research and Extension.

Having plants in your day-to-day environment can reduce stress, improve focus, and even help you stay at your desk working on a computer longer, according to Ariel Whitly-Noll, horticulture agent for K-State Research and Extension Shawnee County.

“It’s okay just to have one plant. Maybe you care for just one tree in your front yard, or maybe you don’t have a yard and you have a small patio or a window and you just have that,” Whitly-Noll said. “There’s something, psychologically, when we’re caring for something else, that does well for us.”

If you prefer to go outside and garden, those same benefits can be obtained while also getting some physical activity, Whitly-Noll said.

Plants are great for school, work, or even just around your home, she said. For new plant parents, Whitly-Noll recommended trying pothos or snake plants for inside, and perennial or native plants for outside.

Now that fall has arrived, it’s a good time for home gardeners to divide your perennials, start a compost pile, or prepare a garden for next year.

For more helpful tips, Whitley-Noll recommended the Kansas Garden Guide or the K-State Research and Extension Shawnee County’s website.

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