Topeka baby gets relief from chiropractic care

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Collins Carlson from Topeka turns 4 months old on Sunday, but her first months of life have not been easy.

“She was barely three weeks old, and was just crying a lot, more so than our other two (kids) had been,” Heidi Carlson, Collins mom, said.

Collins was having trouble eating and was crying most of the day.

“It was sure not fun having a really fussy baby, especially during a time when we were all quarantined,” Heidi said. “A friend reminded me that chiropractic care is something that we could seek out. I had been receiving (chiropractor) care all throughout my pregnancy.”

Dr. Joshua Foreman, with Foreman Chiropractic in Topeka explained how he adjusts babies.

“People think we would adjust babies the same way we would an adult. Honestly it’s usually done with the small fingers on my hand, my ring finger and pinkie. And the instrument that we use occasionally to adjust or help to assist, is called instrument assist adjusting,” Dr. Foreman said. “It produces a pretty good force to allow us to be really accurate with our adjustments on those tiny spines.”

Dr. Foreman has adjusted Collins five times since she was two weeks old.

“If it’s not moving correctly, we remove that restriction and allow the body to heal everything else.
Collins is going to be a happy, healthy baby,” he said.

Heidi appreciated how quickly they were able to get in. It’s small adjustments to help give the tiny members of our family some relief.

Dr. Foreman is a Webster Certified Pediatric Chiropractor. For more information on The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and certified doctors in your area, click here.

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