Topeka man tries chiropractic work to avoid hip surgery

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – A Topeka man visited a chiropractor for his hip pain. Now, he doesn’t need surgery.

Topeka resident Jeff Taylor has had debilitating hip pain for years.

“It was terrible. It felt like I had a knife stuck in my hip all of the time. I couldn’t sit comfortably. I couldn’t walk comfortably. It just wares you down. It changes your attitude and focus. It’s just a negative thing and it leads to a certain amount of depression,” Taylor said. “I assumed I would have to get a hip replacement surgery.”

Before he turned to surgery, he went in for an orthopedic test with Topeka chiropractor Dr. Joshua Foreman.

“After the exam, it was apparent that it wasn’t his hip joint. It was the muscles around his hip joint, and his lower spine not moving correctly and putting pressure on those nerves indirectly, causing the symptoms that made him feel like it was in his hip joint,” Dr. Foreman said.

Within just a month of the chiropractic adjustments, Taylor saw some relief.

“I am not completely pain free, and may never be pain free, but I don’t have the debilitating pain that I did have,” Taylor said.

Dr. Foreman said getting everything to move correctly in the body is important for improving inflammation and pain.

“Now we have him doing stretches and exercises outside of here. Those stretches and exercises are just as important as what goes on in this office,” Dr. Foreman said.

Taylor said it is thanks to the chiropractic treatment that is preserving his quality of life and prolonging surgery for as long as possible.

“I am now able to walk again, I have my mobility back, play with my grand kids again! And I am not in pain all the time,” Taylor said.

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