TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The Capper Foundation in Topeka has been working with Crystal Drennon for 10 years. Today she is building her future by taking advantage of Capper’s Adult Service Program.

“I’ve been making gift shop stuff and furniture out of wood. My favorite project to work on is Halloween (decorations),” Crystal says.

“I can tell you she is a hard worker. She is ready to work!” boasts Chris Ostrander, the manager of Capper’s Adult Day Program.

Crystal works in both the woodshop and the car detailing center, alongside enrolling in Capper’s 14-week employment training class.

“I was very excited to work here. I love this job because it helps me out with my daughter and makes me money,” Crystal explains.

“It’s minimum wage when they’re doing the work. So that helps them out financially, but the goal here is to get the word out in the community.
By the time she is done by November, then we will get her out there and start applications to get her in the job she would like to work at,” Ostrander explains.

Crystal says, “It’s helping a lot. You got to think with the positives and not with the negatives. We (learn) teamwork!”

But it’s not just work opportunities, the people at the Capper Foundation are like family.

“They’ve been there for me when I lost my mom. The place here at Capper’s is like family and friends. It’s wonderful to work here,” Crystal says.

To find out how to get involved with the Adult Services Program at the Capper foundation call 785.272.4060 or visit