Topeka woman hopes epilepsy journey inspires others to love themselves

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kirstianna Guerrero, 20, of Topeka, has been wrestling with epilepsy since she was born. It has been a battle filled with many highs and many lows.

In 2019, after almost a year of no seizures, Kirstianna began having hundreds of small seizures a day, called staring spells, for almost a month, and then it escalated.

“I went completely nonresponsive,” she said. “So then my mom took me into the hospital. We got transferred to KU Med, and that’s when they found out that I had a really bad, horrible reaction to one of the medicines.”

This caused her to go into a coma and when she woke up she was unable to move and walk like she used to.

Since then, she has been fighting to regain these abilities back, abilities many of us take for granted every day. However, she is choosing to do so with a smile on her face, empowering herself and others.

This led to Kirstianna creating The Beautiful Project, a Facebook group where she posts encouraging updates to her journey and motivation, in hope of encouraging others to love themselves.

“There was a resolve to get better and get well, and to impact others,” said Jenni Guerrero, Kirstianna’s mom. “The amount of inspiration that she has been able to give is just amazing.”

In 2020, Kirstianna was also crowned Kansas Miss Amazing Teen, a pageant that gives young women with disabilities a platform.

She saw this as another sign that encouraging others to love themselves is exactly what she was placed on this earth to do.

“In my life, my main goal is every day to impact one person that makes their day, their life, their world better than it was the day before,” Kirstianna said. “That’s what this project gives me the ability to do.”

After coronavirus settles, Kirstianna hopes to be able to expand The Beauty Project beyond Facebook.

Currently, Kirstianna is raising money to attend a Miss Amazing nationals in Nashville this summer. To donate, click here. She is also doing a raffle for a signed Patrick Mahomes jersey. To buy a ticket, click here.

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