TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Topeka woman Toni Webb weighed 457 pounds and the weight was taking a toll on her body.

Doctors at Stormont Vail said she needed to lose weight to save her life and suggested gastric sleeve surgery.

“I was about to lose my life if I didn’t have this surgery,” Webb said.

She started exercising and eating healthy, and she began losing weight. After 100 pounds lost, she plateaued.

“She tried multiple times with multiple different programs even with some medications but she kept getting to a point that her body will not lose any more weight,” said Dr. Wael Khreiss with Stormont Vail.

They scheduled the gastric sleeve surgery, a procedure that shrinks the stomach and lessens the appetite. After the surgery, she lost 60 more pounds and is able to do more things, like grocery shopping.

“So I push the cart through the store now, I don’t even get in the electric carts,” Webb said.

Webb has to keep exercising and maintain a healthy diet but she is well on her way of her goal of getting down to 190 pounds.