Here’s why your residential streets may not be plowed


The snow and sleet are making it difficult for drivers out on the road Saturday night. With two consecutive days of winter weather, snow is covering residential streets. 

The City of Topeka said they are focused on getting main roads cleared off, but your neighborhood streets may have to wait.

Officials said they are trying to plan how to not only clear, but keep those primary and secondary main roads clean.

They tell us they have had all of their crews out since Friday morning plowing city streets. 

KSNT News spoke to city manager Brent Trout Friday night and he said the cost of cleaning neighborhood roads is significant and cannot always be done.

“It might be that it’s Monday morning,” said Trout. “Depending what happens with the snowstorm Saturday night, we go back out, have another day of trying to clear up main affairs, spend all day long with that on with our crews and then making sure we’re able to get school routes done.”

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