HIGH HEAT: How to keep your pets safe this summer


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – The forecast shows 80 and 90 degree temperatures for the rest of the week, but it doesn’t have to be triple digits for it to be deadly for your pets.

Jim Tursi is a senior animal control officer with the Topeka Police Department. He says when it’s more than 80 degrees outside it is illegal to have your pet alone in the car for any more than five minutes.

“At 80 degrees, after five minutes you’re almost up to 100 degrees,” said Tursi. “At ten minutes you can be up to 110 degrees and the dog is going to literally start to be cooked alive.”

Tursi says a dog can overheat even if the windows are cracked. Parking in the shade does not help the temperature much and the shade moves with the sun.

If it is warmer than 80 degrees, Tursi says you should leave your pets at home; however there are some rules with that as well. If you leave your dog outside, Tursi says you should have three things in mind: shelter, shade and water.

“You are required if the dog is off the tether to have water out for the dog and to have shade available,” said Tursi.

These rules change if the dog is tethered. Tursi says a dog can not be left alone more than 15 minutes on a tether. The dog could get tangled and be unable to reach the water or the shade.

The ASPCA posted more tips for summer pet safety on its website.

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