SHAWNEE COUNTY (KSNT) – Law enforcement in Shawnee County recently finished an operation targeting those with active warrants in local homeless communities.

Shawnee County Sheriff Brian Hill posted a message on social media on Monday, Oct. 30 listing the details of a recent joint operation conducted between the sheriff’s office and the Topeka Police Department (TPD). Hill said law enforcement visited nearly 40 homeless camps in Shawnee County during the operation which lasted from Oct. 19-20.

“We have noticed an increase in subjects with active warrants that list their residency as “homeless.” Therefore, we recently conducted an operation, with assistance from the Topeka Police Department, checking the homeless community for individuals with active warrants for their arrest. The majority of individuals contacted were cooperative and provided helpful information.”

Sheriff Brian Hill social media statement excerpt

Hill said 14 people were arrested for 10 felony warrants and six misdemeanor warrants after the operation ended. Several other statistics were released alongside the results of the operation on social media by the sheriff:

  • There are currently 31 sex offenders, 15 violent offenders and three drug offenders reporting their residence as homeless.
  • Since Jan. 2022, 1,892 arrests have taken place of individuals that list their residence as homeless. Of these arrests, 328 involved crimes including all theft types, aggravated assault/battery, burglary/breaking and entering, robbery, forcible rape, arson and murder/non-negligent manslaughter. Around 1,500 arrests were for crimes including all other offenses/uncategorized, drug equipment violations, drug/narcotics violations, trespass, vandalism, simple assault/battery, etc.

The homeless population in the Topeka area has seen an increase in recent years. Topeka’s last Point in Time Homeless Count shows a spike in the number of homeless living in the Capital City. City officials are also discussing possible solutions to cleaning up homeless camp areas. Learn more about efforts being taken to solve Topeka’s homeless issue by clicking here.

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