Honor flag of fallen Topeka officer revealed in Topeka


The US Honor Flag revealed a flag honoring Corporal Jason Harwood, who died four years ago today.

Corporal Jason Harwood was shot and killed in the line of duty while performing a routine traffic stop on Sept. 7, 2014. Leaving behind his twin brother, Lt. Jeremy Harwood, and his mother, Becky LeFever.

Lt. Jeremy doesn’t remember anything good from that day, recalling it as the worst day of his entire life.

The Harwood’s mother still can’t believe her son is gone.

“It’s still in my mind some days,” LeFever said. “The day it happened. You know it hurts just as bad as the day it happened. I carried him. He was flesh of my flesh. He was my baby.”

The dedicated flag was named HarwoodONE. Today, the flag was retired and renamed to J.H. Harwood, honoring Cpl. Jason Harwood.

The casing for the new J.H. Harwood flag was designed by an artist from Grand Junction, Colo. The painting is meant to represent men and women who have died in the line of fire.

Cpl. Jason Harwood carried honor flags in his life. Lt. Jeremy Harwood and Becky LeFever said this is what he would want.

“To have his name, with the flag, and to actually go around and carry the flag with his name,” Lt, Jeremy Harwood said. “I mean that’s how the man upstairs works. I mean he took Jason and made him a hero. And forever his name will be synonymous with all the heroes that passed before.”

“You know it was such a sad reason as to why it came about,” LeFever said. “But I was so full of pride. You know, this was my baby. That was the reason for this.”

Even though he is gone, his memory will forever live on through his brother and mother.

“I love you baby,” LeFever said tearfully. “You will never be forgotten.”

The Topeka Police Department also showed their support at the honor flags new reveal.

The Topeka Police Chief said it’s an honor for him to be a part of the ceremony, keeping Cpl. Jason Harwood’s memory alive.

“My true feelings come out at a lot of these things because it comes from the heart,” Chief Bill Cochran said. “Knowing Jason for many years, working with closely with them and stuff like that. It just, it means a lot to me to be a part of this.”

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