How Kansas ranks in teacher pay: The numbers are in


DENVER CO – FEBRUARY 14: Hannah Maldonado, a 1st grade teacher at Barnum Elementary, is back to class, on February 14, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. Maldonado and many other teachers are back in the classroom after a marathon negotiation session ended between Denver Classroom Teachers Association and Denver Public Schools ending the teacher strike. (Photo […]

Kansas teachers make less starting pay than the national average, according to a survey by the National Education Association, the organization that represents teachers in salary negotiations with school districts.

The average starting salary nationally was $38,000 annually, while the starting pay for Kansas was slightly less than $35,000. The Kansas salary is actually higher than in some surrounding states. For instance, Nebraska starts teachers off at $34,000, Colorado starting pay is $33,000, Oklahoma and Missouri come in at $32,000.

(FYI, If you want to make the most starting pay, head to New Jersey).

New Jersey$51,179

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