How you can prevent theft during the holidays


TOPEKA, Kan. – As the holiday season kicks off crowds of people will be gathering for seasonal events. Larger crowds, though, means a bigger risk for thefts.

Some Topeka families said that their cars were broken into while they were at the Miracle on Kansas Avenue parade. The Topeka Police Department said that doing a few simple things could help save you from becoming a victim of theft.

Whether you’re at an event, or out holiday shopping, thieves are on the hunt for their next target.

Topeka Police warn that cars, especially this time of year, are their first stop.

“Would always remind people while they’re out shopping to lock their cars, remove any valuables, you know take the keys with them,” Sergeant Dan Wilson with the Topeka Police Department said. “Don’t leave your cars running, don’t warm them up this time of year. It only takes two seconds for somebody to steal your car.”

They also say that having a plan could minimize the risk of being targeted.

“Stop before you leave a store, you know, put your phone away, find your keys, think about where you’re parked at,” Wilson said. “So you have a little bit of a plan once you leave the store, so you’re not wandering the parking lot.”

To help people feel safer when they’re out, Topeka Police have increased the number of officers at busy shopping centers through the end of the year.

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