How you can save money on your energy bill as winter weather approaches

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TOPEKA (KSNT)– Many people saw snow flurries in Northeast Kansas today, getting people to bring out the winter coats and turn up the thermostat. But, winter weather doesn’t always have to mean a higher energy bill.

Evergy spokesperson Andrew Baker said that it can mean quite the opposite. He said there are many different things you can do around your home to lower the energy you consume on a daily basis.

For example, he mentioned space heaters. He said that while they may be efficient for smaller spaces, ironically they can have the opposite affect for larger rooms as they have the tendency to waste energy.

“So they can be effective, but they can use energy quickly so just be careful how much you use it.”

He also said there are many other simple ways to reduce energy consumption like leaving your blinds open more often, especially on sunny days. He said that this allows natural light to come in and heat up the space.

Also, make sure that your heating vents and air ducts aren’t blocked by any furniture or items in your home. This might prevent warm air from getting into your home or worse, waste the warm air that is coming in.

There are many other small tips and tricks you can utilize to help lower that energy bill, and you can visit Evergy’s site here.

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