Huff ‘n Puff kicks off at new location


Friday’s rainy weather gave the annual Huff ‘n Puff hot air balloon festival a bit of a challenging kick off night, but it still didn’t stop people from enjoying the night. 

The rain meant that the hot air balloons can’t take off. But people made the best of it, and vendors came out from across the country. Steve Palash travels hundreds of miles from Iowa to sell his gear. 

“Oh Huff ‘n Puff, one of the greatest balloon shows around. So every year we try to come, for the last few years, and we sell only hot air balloon souvenirs in my booth,” Palash said. 

Nancy Marston also has a booth, where she does face paint. She said one of her favorite parts is seeing the kids’ faces light up to all the balloons.

“The look on the kid’s faces, I’m painting along and painting along and then everything will just stop and the kids gasp. Something magical just evolves right in front of us and it’s just great. The looks on their faces, and the family atmosphere is really wonderful too,” Marston said. 

But, the festival holds a memory even more special for her. 

“My husband and I had one of our first dates at Huff ‘n Puff. We were actually just friends goofing around and now here we are,” Marston said. 

Even though Friday’s rain prevented the balloons from taking flight, people are hoping the rest of the weekend is a bit clearer. 

“This is a great event, lots of people, great weekend. This weekend we have a lot of weather but we’re hoping and praying that it gets off,” Palash said. 

Huff ‘n Puff announced that their Saturday morning flight is canceled, but they are still expecting to fly on Saturday night. 

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