Icy roads cause delays for Topeka Metro


Icy roads are to blame for crashes throughout Topeka. 

The Topeka Metro had delays after a bus was involved in a wreck early Wednesday morning.

Topeka Metro general manager Susan Duffy said they emphasize defensive driving to their drivers, especially when roads are icy. 

Driving below the speed limit and detouring around accidents and stalled cars are all things that have caused the buses to run behind schedule.

“We are running probably about ten minutes down from what we normally do, or maybe longer,” said Duffy. “There’s a lot of accidents out there right now and so we’re being extremely cautious and careful.” 

Duffy said one thing drivers should look out for if they’re driving behind a bus is the flashing lights. That means that they’re stopping to pick people up from the bus stop.

The Topeka Metro staff will continue to monitor road conditions and will adjust their routes as needed.

To stay updated for delays or route changes, you can visit the Topeka Metro’s website

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