SOUTH BEND, IN (WNDU) — From his first word to his first steps, 2018 has been one of Brock Meister’s toughest years.

January 12 could have been his last day on earth.

Brock’s friend was driving his truck when the vehicle hit black ice and rolled onto the passenger side. Brock was catapulted from his seat belt, his head busted through the window before his friend could pull him back inside.

“Blood was just running down my face. My neck hurt but I didn’t realize how bad it was hurt that night,” Brock said.

His friends kept him still until paramedics arrived and rushed him to the hospital.

Dr. Kashif Shaikh was part of Brock’s surgery team at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana.

“The thing that saved him was not having anything happen from the time of the injury all the way to here,” Dr. Shaikh said.

Brock had been internally decapitated – his skull completely separated from his spine.

“This is the joint that connects the skull to the spine. This bone right here is supposed to be sitting right in here,” said Dr. Shaikh, as he pointed to a Brock’s X-Ray.

With the help of screws and rods the two surgeons realigned Brock’s bones and joints so his body could start healing. Once back home, Brock wore a head brace for three months and started physical therapy.

Dr. Shaikh is hopeful Brock’s life will be fairly normal.

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