International city expert reviews Topeka


An international expert is weighing in on the positives and negatives of Topeka. 

Keynote speaker Chris Fair is the president of Resonance Consultancy based in Vancouver. He is also the author of the book, World’s Best Cities.     

He judges the perception of cities and how they are to visit, to do business in and live in. 

For Topeka, Fair said the strengths are having a diverse community and safe and quality neighborhoods.

“Topeka’s quite strong in the place category,” said Fair. “Thinking about the quality of natural environment, neighborhoods, etc. It also does well in terms of the product, in terms of institutions. etc.” 

“As mayor the way, I look at our community, the reason that I ran and why I do what I do, is I love the city,” said Topeka Mayor Michelle de la Isla. “I love the people that live here, so to see someone did a study and our people is one our biggest resources was exciting.” 

But the expert found the major weakness is a lack of arts, culture and culinary experiences. 

“Those things we might think of as nice-to-haves are actually in our research are becoming increasingly important to attracting that talent, tourism and investment that cities are looking for,” said Fair. 

Now leaders with the Greater Topeka Partnership hope to use these perceptions to keep the momentum going in the Capitol City.

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