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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — A man suspected of spying for Russia in Norway had bought a one-way ticket out of the Scandinavian country for the day after he was detained, his lawyer said Thursday.

“He was originally leaving. He had a one-way ticket for Oct. 25,” his lawyer Thomas Hansen told the VG newspaper. He added that his client explained that he had canceled the plane ticket. He did not know where his client intended to travel.

A 37-year-old Brazilian citizen who worked at the Arctic University of Norway in the Arctic city of Tromsoe was detained Monday. The Norwegian Police Security Service alleged the man used a false name and identity while actually working for one of Russia’s intelligence services.

A university administrator described him as a guest lecturer. A court on Tuesday ordered him detained for four weeks.

The Russian Embassy in Oslo has denied any knowledge of the man, who was not been identified by authorities.