President Biden speaks on Afghanistan, Taliban takeover; reaction from local lawmakers


(KSNT) – President Joe Biden delivered remarks Monday afternoon on the state of Afghanistan and the Taliban takeover.

Biden said he and his team have been closely monitoring the situation. He said the situation unfolded “more quickly than we anticipated.” You can watch his remarks in the video player below.

Many Afghans are desperately trying to flee their country via the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul a day after the Taliban seized the capital city. Many Western nations are also scrambling to evacuate their citizens from the airport.

At least five people were killed at the airport as U.S. troops guarded the evacuation of embassy staff. It wasn’t immediately clear how the victims died. A U.S. official said troops had fired in the air to deter people trying to force their way onto a military flight that was set to take diplomats and embassy staff out of the fallen city.

Some Kansas lawmakers have released statements regarding the situation. U.S. Senator Jerry Moran said the chaos in Kabul was preventable.

“The chaos we are seeing in Kabul was preventable. The Biden administration’s unorganized and haphazard withdraw process will make our country and the world less secure.

President Biden’s announcement in April to completely withdraw American troops by September 11 without taking appropriate security precautions – including preparing for a return of the Taliban to Kabul – was irresponsible and will damage America’s reputation and interests for years to come. Additionally, the lack of urgency to do right by the thousands of Afghans who worked alongside Americans will be a source of shame for this administration.

I visited Afghanistan in 2017 to engage with American servicemembers who were supporting anti-terrorism operations. Thank you to each of them and the thousands of men and women who answered the call to serve our country over the last two decades. They served with duty and purpose and deserve our thanks and respect.”

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran

Rep. Tracey Mann said, “the world became less safe this week” and that President Biden’s foreign affairs strategy is negligent, near-sighted and dangerous.

President Biden willfully neglected the situation in Afghanistan. As our country’s sole actor in authorizing covert action, President Biden receives regular and invaluable intelligence information that warns of brewing international trouble well before it materializes. With that kind of intelligence resources at his fingertips, President Biden still chose to mislead the American people and ignore the seriousness of Taliban threats, including the threat to overrun the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. 
President Biden enacted a near-sighted policy in Afghanistan. For more than 20 years, Afghans have enjoyed freedoms secured to them in part by the United States. They were able to attend school, work where they wanted, vote, and live safely. The acceleration of Taliban terrorism is a human tragedy as those rights diminish before our eyes. President Biden failed to recognize these democratic freedoms or pay respect to the men and women who fought for them when he speedily removed America’s presence in the region with no real strategy. He prioritized the Taliban’s reputation above our country’s developments in the region and reduced his Administration’s work to pleading with the Taliban.
President Biden has put Americans in danger. The Taliban’s ability to redistribute their terrorists across the country in only a matter of days is frightening for Americans when hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are already crossing our southern border. President Biden has left our borders open to American-hating terrorists fleeing Afghanistan and other countries with terrorist regimes. President Biden refuses to consider the safety of Americans 7,400 miles away in Kabul and 950 miles south of Kansas on our southern border. 
President Biden’s policies have made Americans less safe, and the ramifications will soon echo across the world even when his own silence is deafening.
We need to bring our brave military home, but only when we have a good-faith understanding of the situation on the ground and a strategically planned execution, including counter-terrorism and remaining special forces. We need a commander-in-chief who knowingly considers every option and leaves no page unturned; who makes strategic, long-term plays for the future of America; and who keeps us safe. A failure on any of these fronts risks the long-term security and credibility of both Afghanistan and the United States of America.”

Rep. Tracey Mann

Sen. Roger Marshall said, “The White House continues to get it wrong every time on foreign policy.”

Rep. Ron Estes issued a statement following Biden’s remarks Monday.

“President Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal has turned into an absolute catastrophe. No amount of media spin from the White House can detract from the horrific fall of Kabul – something which was preventable following proper planning. Instead of using the conditional drawdown, the Biden Harris administration set a hard deadline for Sept. 11 and made no real plan other than pleading with the Taliban – so make no mistake, this surrender is Biden’s fault. Just last month Biden told reporters that ‘speed is safety’ when it comes to the drawdown. He clearly was wrong.”

Rep. Ron Estes

Rep. Sharice Davids said, “the reports from Afghanistan are alarming and heartbreaking.”

“The reports from Afghanistan are alarming and heartbreaking. I’m concerned for US citizens and Afghan partners finding themselves trapped, and for civilians facing control by Taliban terrorist forces. We must act quickly to ensure the safe withdrawal of our global partners.

Growing up in a military family, I know the sacrifices that servicemembers and their families have made over the last two decades under several different Administrations. We will not forget the toll this war has taken, and my heart is with those who have served as we watch these events unfold.

What is clear is that we lacked accurate intelligence and therefore proper planning regarding the safety of American and foreign diplomats and the many Afghans who worked to support the U.S. mission. We will seek to gain a better understanding of those decisions in the days ahead, but for now we must focus on their safety as our top priority.”

Rep. Sharice Davids

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