Investigation of fatal I-35 crash south of Emporia released

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Wichita (KSNT) – The Kansas Highway Patrol has completed its investigation of last Friday’s fatal accident on I-35 that killed 21-year-old Zachary Clark from Texas.

The accident included a blue Ford Mustang and was caused by water disturbed by a semi-truck.

On July 10, at approximately 5 p.m. heavy rains produced between 6-10 inches of water that flooded the northbound lanes of the highway.

The witness directly behind the blue Mustang said that the car was going about 70 mph at the time of the crash. The semi was traveling in the lane directly to the left of the Mustang and disturbed the standing water, sending it into the Mustang’s lane. The driver of the Mustang then lost control of the vehicle and entered the northbound ditch just south of a drainage culvert.

The Mustang floated for 2-4 minutes, moving approximately 150 feet to the culvert. After that, the force of the water moved the vehicle and the driver through the culvert until the vehicle stopped approximately 105 feet west of the culvert and 115 feet south.

The driver’s body was located approximately 25 feet southwest of the vehicle.

The official investigative report is available upon request from the Kansas Highway Patrol by calling (785)-296-6800.

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