Is exercising in cold weather better for your health?


The cold weather isn’t stopping some people from getting their exercise.

In fact, some even say it’s better for your health.

According to the Genesis Health Club Fitness Manager John Copeland, working out in the cold does help you burn more calories. 

However, once your body adjusts, you go back to burning calories at the average rate.

“Everybody likes to come out with like all these ‘this is the best exercise, do these things to burn the most calories'” said Copeland. “Whatever works best for you or whatever you’re going to do, that’s what’s ultimately going to be best.” 

Lee Holmes used to be an avid runner and says it was motivation that helped him brave the cold.

“You have to do it,” said Holmes. “You know, you have to get your run in. It’s just motivation, your own motivation that gets you out there.”  

Copeland also says if you do plan on exercising in cold weather, make sure to stretch and do proper warm ups to help avoid injuries.

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