Jefferson Award Winner: Leigh Ann Shultejans


The next Jefferson Award Winner has a hard time saying no and is always putting others before herself.

When someone took advantage of her kindness, she responded in the best way possible, showing that some people were born to help others. 

That is why being a social worker was not only an obvious but also a perfect fit for Leigh Ann Shultejans. 

“I love working with people over the age of 60 you feel like you’re really good at something and you don’t even want to switch jobs because you’re really good at that piece,” Shultejans said. 

She’s dedicated the last 14 years of her life to helping others in her community in Jetmore and around the area working at a hospice group. 

There she assists terminally ill patients until the very end, meeting any request they ask for. 

In addition to all of this, she’s also a mom of three. 

“I always feel like if there is a will there is a way, so if I try hard enough there is definitely something I can do to help somebody,”​ she said. ​​​​

About one year ago, her giving attitude caught the attention of a person in need, but it wasn’t one of her elderly patients. 

This person was an 11-year-old named Caleb, who was a friend of one of her sons. 

Caleb’s home life wasn’t ideal when he learned he would be put into a foster home, and he told Leigh Ann secretly hoping she might be able to help. 

The next day she called the foster agency and asked of Caleb could move in with her family. 

“Knowing that we could take him, and we could allow him to still have the same classmates and have the same friends,” she said. 

Had it not been for Leigh Ann’s passion to help people, and Caleb noticing, who knows what would have happened. 

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