Junction City woman recognized by Elizabeth Dole Foundation


The Elizabeth Dole Foundation searches across the country to give veteran caretakers the recognition they deserve.

Patti Walker’s husband was injured while serving overseas.  She’s joining 25 other veteran caretakers from across the country to represent the foundation, and help others.

One of Patti Walker’s everyday tasks is sorting through her husbands many pills he has to take daily.

Her husband Kevin Walker was hurt in an explosion while serving in the army.

“May 3rd was our anniversary and on May 3rd I waited and waited for him to call me and I knew something was very wrong,” said Patti.

Kevin’s platoon was driving at night when an explosive device went off, sending metal into his face.

“When I got home and got the phone call I walked outside on post. I dropped to my knees and asked God to have Kevin in his hands,” said Patti.

After Kevin spent 22 days in a coma, Patti was given the choice to stop care or have her husband in a vegetative state, but Patti decided to hold on to hope.  24 hours later Kevin woke up. 

“He didn’t know who I was, he didn’t know he had children, he didn’t know his parents,” said Patti.

After many years he was able to recover and live a semi-normal life- with the help of his wife.  “Pattie she does a lot for me. She makes sure I have my medicine she gets out for me and she’ll remind me if there are things I need to do,” said Kevin.

Now Patti is able to help others by being selected as a Dole Caregiver fellow. She will serve as an advocate and help other military families that went through a smilar situation to her.

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