Junction City woman returns from helping in hurricanes


JUNCTION CITY, Kan. – (KSNT) – Emily Fawcett went to help animals in Houston after Hurricane Harvey, then she joined first-responders in Florida during Irma. She has been a volunteer first-responder since she first provided disaster relief for Hurricane Katrina victims 12 years ago.

Fawcett said helping the aid effort following Katrina had a gripping effect on her.

“For every bad thing I would see, I would see, like you know, a thousand beautiful things that would happen,” Fawcett said. “And it just becomes very infectious.”

She recently helped people and animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. After she got home, she loaded up again and went to Florida during Hurricane Irma.

One of her friends, Jay Farmer, said going to disaster areas is routine for Fawcett.

“She will show up to a place and just help out, and doesn’t care what’s going on, and still gets in there and gets stuff done and then gets out,” Farmer said.

Fawcett’s friends gave her a nick-name for her relief efforts.

“’Crazy chick that wants to help everybody,’” Farmer said. “That’s kind of her title.”

Fawcett said providing disaster relief is part of her life’s purpose.

“If we’re not here to help each other and improve each other’s lives and ease the suffering of whether an animal or a human being, or make somebody smile, then why are we here?” she asked.

Fawcett said the trip was a success and her team helped animal shelters across the state of Florida. She said she pays for these trips with her own money, along with financial support people send her on PayPal.

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