K-State students’ profane chant continues against KU


The Wildcats got a big win over in-state rival KU last night, and there was no shortage of passion from fans. But it’s how some fans expressed their disdain for the Jayhawks that has many people upset.

You may have heard “the chant” if you were at the game or watching on TV.

Expletive K-U.

Students normally yell that chant when they play the song, Sandstorm and have for years. When the song wasn’t played last night, the chant was still heard throughout the gym, and without the music the vulgar words were clear on national TV.

“Our fans are very very good fans, this takes away from the image of our good fan base,” said Athletic Director Gene Taylor.

It’s a topic that gets fans riled up, whether it is just a part of the game or if it’s classless.

“I think our student section is awesome, I think we’ve got a lot of energy and I think it’s all in good fun,” said K-State student Erin Hassler.

“K-State’s a great campus, went to school here myself, so let’s keep it that way,” said Kendall Borthwick, an alumnus who believes the chant should stop.

Taylor said the athletic department is working with student groups to make sure they understand how detrimental the chant can be.

“Would they say the chant next to their grandmother, mother, or ten year old niece, probably not, well guess what, all those people are in the building, so it doesn’t look good nationally, so I wish it would stop,” Taylor said.

But even with his plea, it’s hard to control hundreds of students.

“It seems like they’re going to chant what they want whether they play Sandstorm or not,” said Hassler.

Taylor said he believes many students were trying to drown out the chant by saying K-S-U, but that wasn’t loud enough.

Chant or not, K-State came up with a big win last night. These two teams play again on February 25, but this time on KU’s home court, in the always hostile Allen Fieldhouse.

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