Republican Super PAC, Congressional Leadership Fund is spending $1.9 million in Kansas’ Second District, according to CNN. The group is the main Republican Political Action Committee for the House of Representatives. 

They are pouring more money into the Second District than into any other House race in the country. Most of that money is going into attack ads aimed at Democrat Paul Davis. He’s running against Republican Steve Watkins. 

KSNT News political analyst Bob Beatty said this Republican spending shows just how tight the race is getting.

“I think what we’re seeing now is that this could be a very very close race. We’re seeing it in polling, in both campaigns the massive advertising, in the quest for endorsements by Davis,” Beatty said, “I think really the Second District is going to be one of the spotlighted races in the entire nation.”

Steve Watkins is a political outsider with no previous legislative experience. Paul Davis said that’s exactly why the Super PAC is focusing it’s efforts in the Second District. 

“The billionaires are worried. They want the seat badly but they’re up against a candidate who’s known here in the Second District. I carried this district by 7 points when I ran for Governor,” Davis said.  

Davis called the ads misleading and untrue. While he’s also getting funding from Democratic Super PACs, he said he won’t be using it on attack ads. Instead he wants to focus on communicating his policy positions to voters. 

“They’re tired of the slimy, negative ads and they want to hear people who are candidates for office tell them ‘what are you going to do to help me?’,” Davis said. 

Both Steve Watkins and the Kansas Republican Party declined to be interviewed for this story. But the Watkins campaign spokesman sent this statement: 

“We have no control over where outside groups spend their money, but it’s no secret that the next Speaker of the House could be chosen by the next Congressman for Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District. That is exactly why outside groups from both sides are invested in this race. Conservatives who want proven leaders in Congress are working hard to elect Steve Watkins, just as Democrats who want Nancy Pelosi as Speaker are working hard to elect Paul Davis.”

The Congressional Leadership Fund is spending the fourth most nationwide on Kansas’ Third District. That race is between Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder and Democrat Sharice Davids.