TOPEKA (KSNT) — For those of you who pay child support, start planning to pay more.

Every four years, federal law requires the state to review their child support guidelines.

In Kansas last year, more than $35 million was paid in child support by both dads and moms, but why?

“Children in Kansas are our most important asset so we want to make sure they’re protected financially,” said Larry Rute, Attorney at Law

Rute is part of a 14 member committee which says that the current payment schedule isn’t enough to do that.

They want to increase child support payments by an average of 3.5 percent across all income groups statewide.

That means if the parents make a combined income of $5,000 each month, they would see an increase of their child support payments of $25.

“Most of them may appear minor to the average individual but some of the proposed changes might have a big impact,” said Mark Gleeson, Director of Trial Court Programs of the Office of Judicial Administration.

Many times it’s a single parent with a low income job trying to make ends meet, so the committee is asking for public comment, for the people to review the changes and give feedback.

“If you look at the guidelines and you feel that for any reason they’re unfair to you, then let us know and tell us why,” Rute said. “I promise you we will look at it.”

After the public comment is reviewed, the Kansas Supreme Court will have the final say on this possible change.

If the court adopts the proposal, then the increase in payments might start as soon as January 1, 2016.

If you want to post a comment for the committee to read, click here.

You have until June 22 to post feedback.