Kansas City 17-month-old gaining online popularity with Chiefs fans as Andy Reid lookalike


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Everyone wants a piece of the excitement.

This Sunday night, the Chiefs will square off with the Packers. One family, including their young son, can’t wait for that 7 p.m. kickoff.

The Fannings, who reside in Kansas City’s Northland, said their young son, Jasper, has fans doing a double-take. Max Fanning, Jasper’s father, made a recent post to the social media site Reddit that has Chiefs fans talking about how their 17-month old son looks like Chiefs Coach Andy Reid.

Max and his wife, Bri, are transplants to the Kansas City metro, and they’d been seeking ways to get their kids excited to watch Reid’s Chiefs on television.

Little did the Fannings realize that Reddit post would send Jasper on to being a social media star, since he’s wearing a Chiefs cap, plastic toy headset, pretend glasses and fake mustache.

That ensemble makes him a dead-ringer for the coach.

“(Jasper) is just a goofball. Rosie was sweet as a young one, and he`s kind of rambunctious and fun. He makes himself laugh a lot,” Max said.

Jasper’s costume came together quickly, adding in items Bri purchased via Amazon. Jasper was a little camera-shy during a visit to FOX4’s studio on Thursday, but pictures will show what his rendition of Reid is all about.

“He looks at himself in the mirror and he giggles. You can tell he thinks he`s funny. He knows he`s dressed up, and that we`re being silly. He`s having fun with it too,” Bri told FOX4 .

Halloween is next Thursday. Funny thing is, Jasper isn’t trick-or-treating as Coach Reid.

Instead, his mom said he`ll be dressed as a banana. His mom said that’s his favorite thing, and the costume is a way of getting the family involved in football fun.

“He looks like the coach. The mustache we got needs a little grey in it, maybe, but it looks pretty close. They`ve got the sweet cheeks and the sweet eyes,” Bri said.

“Our friends and family can`t believe the resemblance and how goofy it is and how it makes him laugh,” Max added.

No matter the season, in Chiefs Kingdom, that’s a winning look.

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