Kansas Democratic gubernatorial candidates discuss positions on abortion

The Kansas primary is four days away and all week KSN has been breaking down the issues that matter to you, the voters. 
With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy from the U.S. Supreme Court, the national conversation has shifted to if the court could overturn Roe V. Wade. 
“I think it is even probably more important now than ever before that we have a governor who is absolutely proven, trusted on women reproductive rights,” explained State Senator Laura Kelly, who is vying for the Democratic nomination. 
The issue of abortion at the federal level is a topic the three pro-choice Democratic gubernatorial candidates are watching closely.
“I do not believe any man or anyone has the right to tell a woman what she should or shouldn’t be doing with her body,” explained former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer. 
Kansas is also waiting on a ruling from the Kansas Supreme Court which would determine if the Kansas Constitution allows women the right to an abortion. 
“We would veto any new restrictions to keep Kansas, at the least the way it is here in the state, because we know that access to women’s healthcare across the state is very important,” said former Ag Secretary Josh Svaty. 
In recent debates, Svaty has been criticized by his opponents for some of the pro-life votes he took while serving seven years as a State Representative. 
“As I tell everyone, I would veto any new restrictions on women’s reproductive rights. And furthermore, look at what I’ve done in the last 10 years since I have been out of the legislature. I have married a very strong, independent woman who has control over her own body, and I’ve placed a very strong, independent woman on my ticket, Katrina Lewison,” Svaty said. 
Brewer said the the state doesn’t tell men what to do with their bodies, so it shouldn’t have a say in what women do to theirs. 
“That’s their body and their right, so I certainly support it,” said Brewer. “And I would make sure they have the adequate healthcare whether it be preventive or anything that might be existing.”
As for Kelly, the only woman at the top of the ticket in the gubernatorial race, she said healthcare decisions are personal. 
“I really do not believe those types of decisions should be made by politicians,” she said. 
There is no date set for when the Kansas Supreme Court will release its decision. 
Brewer, Kelly and Svaty are also facing Arden Andersen and teenager Jack Bergeson in the primary. 

The Kansas primary is Tuesday, August 7th. 

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