Kansas family outraged after mail carrier runs over dog, then drives away

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A Kansas family is outraged after they say a mail carrier ran over their dog, then left without doing anything.

It happened Thursday in Butler County, near Douglass. The Howerton family told KSNW their 10-year-old black lab was in a lot of pain, but they are just thankful he’s still alive. The family is shocked by the actions of the postal worker, and it has led USPS to start an investigation.

They are sounds and images the Howertons say they will never forget.

“Get out, go on, get out,” said the mail carrier.

Their black lab Blue had been hit by the mail carrier’s vehicle Thursday morning. Without helping, he drove off.

“I could’ve never left a dog, dog like that I would’ve felt horrible,” said Shannon Howerton.

“Well, the dog loves me, and I don’t want him to die,” said Emily Howerton.

It wasn’t until hours later that the family discovered he was injured, and had no idea what happened.

“His ear, on his hip, and we thought maybe he got into a dog fight,” said Shannon.

Until, they reached the vet.

“She said it definitely looked like he had been hit by a car,” said Shannon.

The couple says they then checked the home surveillance footage, and that’s when they saw the hit, and what happened before the mail carrier left.

“He got in her car, and she just continued to yell at him making him more fearful,” said Shannon.

The Howertons quickly filed a police report and contacted the post office to file a complaint.

KSNW reached out to USPS who said these actions are not consistent and don’t represent the values of the postal service, and there is an investigation underway. The Howertons said they understand carriers can be worried about animals, but her actions don’t suggest she was scared.

“I know you still can have concerns, some people are just afraid of dogs, but I don’t think she was afraid of the dog,” said Shannon.

The Howertons say vet bills are close to $600, and they feel as though they shouldn’t have to pay. They also believe the carrier should no longer hold this job.

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