Kansas farmers discuss bill that will allow growing of hemp


Wednesday farmers from across the state met in Manhattan to bring up their concerns about the new bill that would allow Kansas farmers to grow hemp for research purposes done by the Department of Agriculture.

The goal of this research is to find out what hemp grows best in the state.

Farmers felt that the conditions were too restricting and one farmer said if changes aren’t made, he will take his business across state lines.

 “I hope to be able to set up a processing plant in Kansas and as the restrictions released then to be able to grow here but at this point I don’t think we will grow here. There are just too many guidelines,” said Kyle Shultz.

The proposed bill is to allow farmers to use 80 acres of their land to grow hemp, but they first have to pass a background check, get proper licensing, and make sure the hemp stays at .3% T.H.C. level or lower. T.H.C  short for Tetrahydrocannabinol is the ingredient in marijuana that produces a high in users.

If the plant is checked and has more T.H.C. than what is allowed, it is considered a controlled substance and the entire crop would be destroyed.

Jeff Vogel is the program manager with the department of agriculture. He says he will take the farmers’ concerns into consideration but some of the policies can’t be changed.

I you would like to learn more about the bill, CLICK HERE.

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