Kansas Sentinels team brought together by the love of the game

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Now there’s high school football and Washburn football, but there’s also another team in Topeka that’s not as well-known. However, to the players, that’s okay, because the guys they have playing, are not there for the money or glory, they’re just there simply for the love of the game.

At first glance, one might think that these guys have been playing together for years, however these guys have been playing on the same team for less than a year.

“We have a lot of guys out here that love the game, which I think makes it a lot better,” said Cameron Chapman, Topeka native and Quarterback for the Sentinels. “When you have a bunch of guys out here that love to play the game, which we do, it just makes it for a fun atmosphere. When you have the fans that we do, makes it fun to come out here and play for people who love watching football, so it’s a great time.”

The Kansas Sentinels are almost finished with their inaugural year here in Topeka, playing in an 8-man semi-pro league, and as one might assume, there are some differences between this league and the football you may know.

“11 man is 100 yard field, 8 man is a 50 yard field,” said Shiloah Hutsen, Sentinels head coach. “We have a lot of double motion type packages it’s a very high scoring game.”

However, even with the difference, it’s the game itself that this team loves and so why not keep playing it?

“Age varies from 20-40, these are guys that just have a passion for the game and just want to play,” Hutsen explains. “Again this is a working man’s league so everyone has careers away from the field but these guys are here just to play something they want to do.”

Which is why although they haven’t known each other for too long, the game that brought them together is the reason why they’re so close.

“We get together, we just have fun with each other,” Chapman said. “We love the game of football equally that really brings you guys together. When you have that camaraderie between teammates it makes the game that much better and that much more fun.”

The Sentinels have two more road games left in the season where they hope to end the year with a winning record.

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