Kansas woman dies after lawn mower accident

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The woman injured in a lawn mowing accident in mid-April has passed away because of her injuries, according to her daughter.

Trisha Emmons confirmed that her mother did not survive the accident after being in the hospital for several days.


A Kansas woman is hopeful her mother will recover after a lawn mowing accident on Sunday.

“Grief, disbelief, shock,” said Trisha Emmons.

Trisha Emmons, 28, said she is still struggling to digest what happened to her mom, Virginia Emmons, 59.

Trisha said she received a frantic call from her brother Sunday afternoon.

“He is like, ‘This is an emergency. Mom might be dead,'” Trisha explained.

The Cowley County Sheriff’s Office said Emmons was riding on the lawn mower when it got stuck in the mud. 

Trisha said her uncle tried to pull the mower out of the mud. At some point, authorities said the mower flipped on top of Virginia, pinning her.

“She said she can’t breathe, 911 was called. He (Trisha’s uncle) had flagged somebody that happened to be driving by to help him get her out from underneath it. By that point she was already blue. She wasn’t breathing,” Trisha said.

Trisha said her uncle did CPR on Virginia until paramedics arrived on scene.

Virginia was then airlifted to a Wichita hospital. 

Trisha said she was vividly remembers the moment she was told what had happened to her mom.

“I just kind of like leaned up against the wall and sunk down, and I couldn’t breathe because this was just so unexpected,” she said.

Virginia suffered a fractured sternum, several fractured ribs and some bruising on her heart, according to Trisha.

“The issue is that she didn’t have oxygen to her brain for several minutes and she hasn’t regained any consciousness at all,” Trisha said.

Trish and her family are holding out hope that Virginia will recover.

“This is really hard. I haven’t said anything to my son yet because I want to know which direction we are going before I tell him and he is going to be devastated,” she said.

She said she is grateful for the community’s support during the difficult time.

“People who are keeping her in her thoughts, it really means a lot,” Trisha said.

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