TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new drug court program in Riley County will help keep drug users out of jail and help users stay sober.

The main aspect of a drug court is the focus on accountability and assistance. Multiple organizations, including the County Attorney and treatment providers in the community, will meet with the participants on a weekly basis.

That allows the individual to receive immediate assistance to go over risks, needs and anything else that is standing in the way of recovery.

“We can provide them with drug and alcohol treatment, we can provide them with other resources they’ll be needing such as employment, or housing, mental health, anything that is going on in this individual’s life,”   Riley County Community Corrections Officer Brett Clark said.

The participants will be those with non-violent drug offenses. The County estimates by the end of the year they will have 35 people in the program.

The $549,999 grant will begin helping community members starting in late February.