TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Senate President Ty Masterson announced Tuesday morning that the meeting of the Legislative Coordinating Council has been canceled.

As a result, the statewide emergency declaration will expire as scheduled on June 15th, 2021.

“At last month’s LCC meeting, a majority of legislative leaders made it clear that June 15th was likely to be the end of the state of emergency – that after 15 months, it is time for Kansas to return to normal. As such, the LCC recommended the governor develop an exit strategy to end the emergency – however, after reviewing the governor’s letter, it appears the governor opted for an extension

President Masterson, Vice President Rick Wilborn and Majority Leader Larry Alley

“The legislature and the LCC have granted the governor every extension request over the last year, but the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19 no longer necessitate a statewide disaster emergency. The governor has not provided adequate justification for the LCC to grant her request for yet another extension, and all remaining efforts related to COVID-19 can and should take place under our normal procedures. As such, the statewide disaster emergency will expire as planned.”

President Masterson, Vice President Rick Wilborn and Majority Leader Larry Alley

In an interview Monday, Gov. Kelly said she’s feeling ‘optimistic’ about the upcoming decision, noting that it is vital in making sure the state has what it needs to increase vaccinations.

“If we lose this emergency declaration it really impedes our ability to really do the most important task we got ahead of us right now,” the governor said.

As of this week, CDC numbers shows about 47.5% of people ages 12 and up in Kansas are fully vaccinated, and it’s a number the state is working hard to increase.