Girl Scout cookies: Upcoming ordering season will look different in 2021


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNT) – Girl Scout cookies are almost here, but this year’s ordering season will be far from cookie cutter. 

Troop leader Sonya said after overcoming the obstacles of virtual meetings and activities with her third graders, the upcoming cookie sales will be a whole other course as her scouts are going virtual. 

“We’re just taking it easy and seeing what comes up and what works and what doesn’t,” said Sonya. “It’s all about the trial and error because last year we did a lot of booths every Saturday and Sunday, and this year we’re cutting that back tremendously.”

This year, the Girl Scouts are partnering up with Grub Hub. Beginning Feb. 1, the troops will take two-hour shifts on the weekends to work a virtual booth. Grub Hub drivers will drive to the pickup spot and then deliver it just like you would take out, through the app. 

The troops will also be planning various drive-thru booths around the areas and will also have links to scouts’ virtual storefronts where people can buy online. 

Communications Director Muriel Boyce said it’s teaching girls to adapt. 

“We try to build and develop in the girls has to be resilient, be able to change as any good business person could do,” said Boyce. “There are five very important skills they learn and a big part of it is entrepreneurship and being able to pivot in these times so the girls are learning how to do these kinds of booths, they’re doing online sales so virtual sales this year is something really, that the girls are embracing probably better than some of us, and they are just really understanding that their business needs to change.”

While the plans are still getting laid out for the troops, Boyce said going to online sales will teach the girls more about how to run a business, while earning a little dough for the upcoming camps. 

“They will be getting skills that they wouldn’t have been getting standing in front of the store,” said Sonya. 

“What we’re doing today is going to be tomorrow’s leaders and these gals will be ready to lead us into the future,” said Boyce. 

Boyce said she’s working with locations like Walmart and Dillions to see if there will be drive-thru opportunities. 

The traditional cookie sales begin Feb. 12 through March 28. This will be the last year for the smores cookie, but there is a new ‘Toast-yay’ cookie available to buy. Currently, if you know a Girl Scout and she provides her online storefront link to you, you can order cookies online for either direct ship or you can arrange for girl delivery on or after Feb. 12.

Beginning Feb. 1, customers can go to the Cookie Finder at, put in the zip code, and they can choose to support a troop within their zip code. These cookies will be shipped directly to the customer and not available for the girl to deliver.

Beginning Feb. 12, girls will have cookies in-hand to begin the traditional door-to-door or drive-thru cookie booths and at select traditional cookie booths. Online sales will continue as well. The Grub Hub option opens on this day.

Grub Hub hours: Beginning Feb. 12 (the weekend during the sale), Fridays  4 – 10 p.m., Saturdays Noon – 10 p.m., Sundays Noon – 6 p.m., All sales end on March 28.

More information can be found here.


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