TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly is calling for a one-time tax rebate of $250 for every Kansas resident tax filer. The new proposal, announced today, is for anyone who filed a tax return in Kansas in 2021.

“Since 2019, my administration has carefully worked to get Kansas’ budget back on track after years of mismanagement,” Kelly said. “Thanks to our fiscal responsibility and record economic development success, we can return money to taxpayers and give every Kansas resident who filed taxes in 2021 a $250 rebate. These are significant savings for every family to be delivered by summer of 2022.”

If the governor has her way the state will return approximately $445M to over 1.2M residents. The proposal will be paid for with Kansas’ current budget surplus.

According to the Associated Press, The Republican-controlled Legislature would have to approve the plan, and GOP lawmakers are expected to have proposals for ongoing income tax cuts instead of one-time rebates. Lawmakers’ next annual session convenes on Jan. 10. Kelly said such rebates would be possible because Kansas has been collecting more in tax revenues than expected for months. 

Her proposal would provide $250 to individuals and $500 to married couples filing jointly. About 1.2 million filers would receive a total of $445 million.

Not everyone agrees with the governor’s proposal, CJ Grover, campaign manager for Derek Schmidt, a candidate for governor in 2022 made the following statement following Kelly’s proposal.

“Governor Kelly’s proposed rebate checks today are essentially plagiarized from the GOP tax bill she vetoed a few months ago – except the GOP plan was twice as generous to taxpayers. Between this, proposing a food sales tax cut after vetoing one in 2019, and pretending to oppose vaccine mandates while doing nothing to stop them, the election-year makeover of Laura Kelly’s politics is obviously underway.”

CJ Grover, campaign manager for Derek Schmidt

KSNT News is working to identify what the steps and timeline are for approval of the proposal.