Greeley County High School Students gift teacher new shoes


TRIBUNE, Kan. (KSNW) – A group of teens from Greeley County High School wanted to show their kindness to a teacher that has shown so much of it to them.

Jason Wong, a social studies teacher at the school, would hone his basketball skills in the gym after school hours. When some of his students learned of this, they asked if they could join him to play basketball and spend time together.

Mr. Wong spends 3-4 nights a week after school supervising the students and teaching them on and off the court skills. His generosity inspired the teens to give something back to their teacher.

“We took time out of his day to take us to the gym,” said Junior Jaxson Brandl, “and he was always watching us and having fun so I wanted to do something nice for him so I asked everyone and they all agreed to put money in and then I text my mom and I didn’t think she was gonna say yes at first but she did, and we got him shoes.”

Jaxson’s mom, Lori, was touched by her son and his friends’ request. “I was crying, and everyone at work was like “What are you crying about?” and I said “Well my son just told me what he wanted to do.” and it just makes me a proud mom when I know my son wants to give back and return. And of course, I wasn’t surprised cause this is a great group of kids.”

Mr. Wong said “it was purely an act of kindness on their part, I never talked about needing new shoes or anything. One day before our class was beginning a student came up to me and asked what I thought about these shoes… We believed that these would be shoes he’d purchase for himself. I’m excited to try them out.”

Lori Brandl shared a picture of the teens and their teacher with a message that people often look down on the younger generation, but good kids with good hearts can show that anyone is capable of mature generosity.

“Acts of kindness can really touch a person no matter how old they are,” said Junior Titus Sherur, “I mean even if it comes from our generation or an older generation they can always touch someone and help them become a better person.”

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