LOS ANGELES, CA (KSNT) – And then there was 10… for now.

With a trip to the semi’s on the line, the competition is getting tighter and tighter for Junction City native Justin Aaron and his journey on ‘The Voice.’

“He can sing whatever song anyone has given him,” Justin’s friend, Breena Toles said. “He can sing the ABC’s and it’ll sound beautiful.”

And in this week’s performance, that’s exactly what happened. The choice ultimately up to the fans for the shows’ fan week. But with a trip to the semi-finals on the line, the fans chose Aaron to sing “Just Once” by Quincy Jones.

“Justin was made for this,” Justin’s Manager, Molly Whitaker said. “I’ve known from 18 years ago that he was going to do something big like this. I didn’t know to the extent that it was gonna be, and I think that this is the perfect avenue for him to be in and it’s right where he needs to be.”

But being on that perfect road for success couldn’t have came without a few road bumps along the way.

“We used to travel to American Idol to audition together and all of the no’s, I mean, all of those no’s were worth this one yes that he got this time, and I couldn’t be more excited for him,” Justin’s friend, Edisha Coleman said.

And with great success over the last month, Justin’s friend Joe Toles says…

“It’s just real beautiful just to see my brother on stage,” said Joe. “It was even more of a blessing when he had came home after the blind auditions, and he was at home watching himself, just to see the glow on him, just to see how humble he was about it.”

You can vote for Aaron online at nbc.com/thevoice or by downloading the voice app on the app store and google play store. Voting is open until Tuesday at 6:00 a.m. where you can vote for Aaron up to 10 times. You can continue to follow his journey on the voice right here on KSNT.