TOPEKA (KSNT) – Following the leaked Supreme Court document that points to the overturning of abortion rights in America, you may be wondering what that means for those in Kansas.

Due to the State Supreme Court ruling in 2019 that abortion is guaranteed in Kansas, as the right is laid out in the State’s Constitution, even if federal protections disappear, things won’t immediately change here in the sunflower state.

In August, Kansas voters will decide whether women keep the right to an abortion in Kansas, or amend the state constitution to remove it. In the meantime though, it stays a state constitutionally guaranteed right for.

“After August 2nd, there’s going to be real political action that needs to be taken regarding the abortion issue,” said 27 News Political Analyst Bob Beatty. “For right now, if Roe V Wade is overturned in the next week which it won’t be, or down the road, even if Kansans vote to take it out of the state constitution, that doesn’t mean immediately that its illegal.” 

Keep in mind – the leaked document is just a draft. While it indicates what the court is working on, it’s not official yet.

“Abortion is heavily regulated in Kansas,” said Kansans for Constitutional Freedom Spokesperson Ashley All.  “There is a ban on post viability abortions, there is a ban on government funded abortions just to name a few, and there are many. It’s important we protect people’s right to make personal decisions about their healthcare and ensure that right is available to Kansans moving forward.” 

Even if nothing changes in our state, reversing Roe v. Wade still has ramifications for our neighboring states. Such as Missouri, which has a “trigger law.” That means if Roe v. Wade is reversed, a law is triggered at the state level, ending most abortions in Missouri.

“Currently America is rather polarized in its politics, and if this issue goes to the states, it very well could lead to more polarization,” Beatty said. “Some states will legalize abortion, other states would not, and you’d have people possibly moving to those states just for those reasons – we could see a continuation of some of the divides that have been happening in America just keep going.”

Beatty said there hasn’t been a leak of this caliber since Watergate. The key difference between the two, is that both democrats and republicans could see political gain by leaking the draft.