‘It fits right into Wilmore’: Sears catalog house still has a unique design


WILMORE, Kan. (KSNW) – A century-old historic house in Wilmore, Kansas is one of 75,000 Sears and Roebuck Catalog houses sold in the early 1900s.

From the old-fashioned doorbell to the plaque outside the front door of the house, the home takes you back to 1913, the year the house was built.

“I would say it was analogous to Amazon, today,” said Ernie Griffin, the homeowner. “You could buy houses that would come in a box, basically a bunch of boxes, and they’d have everything from nails to paint, to shingles and all you’d have to do was put it together.”

The two-story house sold for $873.

“Most people had houses built out of local materials, but if you wanted a little better house in terms of architectural style and things, you’d buy them through the catalog because they had many designs to choose from,” said Griffin.

The Griffins bought the home in 2007. They consider the home being a Sears catalog house to be an added bonus.

“We wanted a Kansas home with wood floors, high ceilings, drafty things that people don’t really want, so we set about trying to make it into the home it should’ve been back in 1913,” said Griffin.

They’ve removed added materials from the house to restore its original design. The house has its original wood floors, stairs and even the clawfoot bathtub.

The couple says they love coming home to a piece of Kansas history.

“It fits right into Wilmore,” said Griffin.

The Griffin’s home property has another unique feature, a carousel.

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