It’s not a mountain lion, but red foxes making screams in Wichita’s Riverside neighborhood


WICHITA (KSNT) – A mountain lion spotted in Wichita’s Riverside area earlier this week still has some residents on edge.

Cristin Boyle’s security camera caught the mountain lion casually walking through her backyard early Monday morning.

There have been recent screaming sounds in the morning, and residents in the area reached out to the city with concerns it was the mountain lion.

However, the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks tells the City of Wichita that they believe the mountain lion moved on and that the sounds reported were more in line with the sounds of red foxes, which are native to the neighborhood.

Mayor Brandon Whipple even got into the conversation and tweeted the following.

“We are aware of the ‘screaming’ sounds reported & have looked into the situation. Thanks to the efforts of Kansas Department of Parks & Wild Life, we have determined the ‘screaming’ sounds are that of Red Foxes, who are indulging in the mating season. Good for them.”

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