KANSAS (KSNT) – A K9 with the Kansas Wildlife & Parks Game Wardens officially retired in May of 2022 after 8 years of dedicated service.

According to the Game Warden’s Facebook post about the K9’s retirement, Ruby became well-known and has many stories attached to her name. The Game Warden’s shared a few such stories in their post from Ruby’s past.

Ruby assisted in a wildlife check lane in Colorado that inspected over 1300 vehicles in an operation that lasted 36 hours straight. She also recovered stolen handguns, a hidden shotgun and doves that were hidden which resulted in a suspect being cited for possessing a number of doves over the limit without a hunting license.

Ruby has also tracked and found multiple suspects over the course of her career. She once tracked individuals that were shooting illegally on the refuge at Cheney Wildlife Area. The suspects ran when approached and Ruby tracked them both and found one hiding in a brush pile and the other hiding under a tree root ball.

Another time, a local police department had requested K9 Ruby to track a wanted felon who had a warrant for his arrest and had run from officers into the woods. Ruby tracked directly to him and stood on the suspect’s back, even though he had covered himself with brush and was nearly impossible to see.

In addition to tracking down suspects and assisting with missions, Ruby has also participated in countless educational programs, including the Sumner County Dare Programs which she participated in annually for 7 years. The average attendance for those programs was about 400 kids per year, and Ruby was commonly the favorite attraction.

K9 Ruby and her handler Chris Stout were also featured on the cover of the International Game Warden Magazine in 2017.

“Enjoy your downtime, Ruby,” the Game Wardens said in the post. “You sure have earned it!”