TOPEKA (KSNT) – Over $1 million has been spent on political ads for the Kansas Attorney General race with one of ad stirring up controversy a week away from election day.

A recent Kris Kobach campaign ad accused candidate Kellie Warren of donating to a Kansas City Democrat. Earlier on Tuesday, Warren shared her thoughts on the ad in an exclusive interview with 27 News.

“Well, it’s important to tell the truth, and right now there is an ad airing that is a lie and we have called out the other campaign about it and asked them to retract it,” Warren said.

“I asked Senator Warren if she made that $500 donation,” the ad states. “Her answer was clear.”

“I did not,” Warren said. “And there’s a report filed that if he looked at it he would see that is not the truth.”

27 News reached out to the Kobach campaign to see where this information came from. They provided the following statement: “Her name is on the check, and we know that, because we haven’t been sued by the Warren campaign…she donated to a Democrat, and then she colluded with her Democrat friends to cover it up with a doctored finance report.”

The Kobach campaign hasn’t been sued yet, but could that change in the future? When 27 News asked Warren if she plans to sue, she would only answer with the statement, “We plan to win on August 2.”

Former federal prosecutor Tony Mattivi is the other candidate running for Attorney General. He weighed in on the controversy.

“Kris and Kellie can swing punches at each other and go back and forth all they want, but we’re going to focus on who’s the most qualified person for the job,” Mattivi said.

On August 2, Kansas primary voters will decide which Republican candidate will advance to the general election set for November 8.