WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Rep. Roger Marshall said a Facebook post that was published on Sunday afternoon discussing updated COVID-19 death data released by the CDC was removed Monday night by the company without notice or explanation.

The post discussed the new data published by the CDC showing that only 6% of deaths were due solely to COVID-19, while the remaining 94% of deaths had two or more underlying health conditions a released from the congressman’s office said.

(Screenshot Courtesy: Rep. Roger Marshall’s Office)

“Social media companies should be not allowed to censor science that they disagree with. This is corporate censorship, pure and simple,” said Rep. Marshall. “As a physician, I believe in discussing all data, options, and research with my patients. This was data published by the CDC, but unfortunately did not fit the narrative that the left and the liberal media want us to believe. We cannot allow social media companies to determine what we do and not learn about this virus. Americans deserve to be informed.”

The congressman’s office said before being deleted by Facebook, the post had garnered nearly 80,000 views and was shared by thousands of followers.

Facebook lists community standards on their website and has a section listed for COVID-19 information.

Facebook COVID-19: Community Standards Updates and Protections

As people around the world confront this unprecedented public health emergency, we want to make sure that our Community Standards protect people from harmful content and new types of abuse related to COVID-19. We’re working to remove content that has the potential to contribute to real-world harm, including through our policies prohibiting coordination of harm, sale of medical masks and related goods, hate speech, bullying and harassment and misinformation that contributes to the risk of imminent violence or physical harm. As the situation evolves, we continue to look at content on the platform, assess speech trends, and engage with experts, and will provide additional policy guidance when appropriate to keep the members of our community safe during this crisis.

Rep. Marshall faces Barbara Bollier for an open Senate seat in Kansas.  Four-term Republican Sen. Pat Roberts is retiring. Both doctors have differing COVID-19 takes in the race.