Kansas couple donates their stimulus checks to their favorite local restaurants, bars


KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WDAF) — It’s no secret people who work in the service industry have taken a big hit due to coronavirus

Recently, a Missouri bar owner received something in the mail that brought her to tears — and it wasn’t another bill to pay.

Twin City Tavern owner Kim Moffitt said she was scraping the bottom of the barrel to keep her business alive during the pandemic. 

The glass looked half empty with doors closed for more than two months and no money coming in. 

“We had overbought for March Madness and Lent and St. Patrick’s Day, and we lost everything,” Moffitt said.

But just days after the tavern reopened, Moffitt got a precious gift in the mail. 

“So I got that letter on Saturday. Hold on, I’m about to cry,” Moffit said walking away, “’cause I was like bawling all Thursday.”

A heartfelt letter and a check for $200 continues to move Moffitt to tears. 

“It was really nice to know that there were nice people out there that cared about us reopening,” Moffitt said.

The letter and money were from two regulars, Joyce and Tony Vietti.

They live in Pittsburg, Kansas, but come to the homey bar and always sit in the same booth on Thursdays. 

“We weren’t doing it for the glory or anything,” Tony said. “We were doing it to help these people that we consider friends.”

The retired couple spread the wealth to several other KC restaurants, too. They each gave away their entire $1,200 stimulus checks from the federal government. 

“We just didn’t need the money that bad,” Vietti said. “So we decided to give the money to restaurants and bars and services we use because we knew these people were hurting.”

Moffitt said they’ve been riding the “COVID-coaster” for too long. 

“COVID-coaster just screwed us all up. Nobody gets to see each other. Nobody can hug. Everybody has to keep social distances and wear masks, so it’s just stressful for everybody,” Moffitt said, “and financially — horrible.”

Moffitt said the check and note felt like arms being wrapped around her in support. 

“Thank you. It meant the world,” Moffitt said.

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