LAWRENCE (KSNT) – The Douglas County District Attorney’s Office has announced released two letters on Tuesday on the legality of CBD products.

The first letter, titled “District Attorney Suzanne Valdez’s Statement on Delta-8 THC,” declares that the DA’s Office will not aggressively prosecute end users for possession of small amounts of THC products. This letter goes on to address the “great deal of confusion and misinformation” related to the legality of Delta-8 THC products. It agrees with an opinion letter from Kansas’ Attorney General Derek Schmidt released in 2021 which states that Delta-8 products are illegal in Kansas.

The second letter is addressed to businesses in Lawrence and Douglas County who are in the market of selling CBD products, especially Delta-8. It is a written notice declaring that marketing and/or selling Delta-8 THC products is illegal and asks any owners who receive this letter to voluntarily remove these products from their store’s shelves.

Guardian MMJ, a cannabis dispensary that was raided earlier this year on April 20, recently moved to Lawrence and told 27 News that products it would be selling would include Delta-8 items.

To see the full letters in their entirety, look below:

NEWS RELEASE District Attorney Suzanne Valdez Statement on Delta-8 THC June 14 2022 by Matthew Self on Scribd

Copy of Notice to Businesses RE Delta 8 THC by Matthew Self on Scribd