TOPEKA (KSNT) – The cost of filling up the tank this year for Thanksgiving road trips will be high for most Kansans.

According to GasBuddy, which monitors real-time fuel prices across the nation, average gasoline prices will be at their highest seasonal level ever approaching Thanksgiving. GasBuddy projects the national average will sit at $3.68 on the holiday, marking a $0.30 increase from last year and $0.20 higher than the previous record set a decade ago.

“It has been a dizzying year at the pump, with motorists likely feeling nauseous not from the eggnog, but from the roller coaster ride at the pump with record gasoline prices earlier this year, which have fallen significantly since mid-summer,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy. “Americans, however, are proving that while we’ll openly complain about high gas prices, most of us aren’t deterred from taking to the highways to observe Thanksgiving with those that matter most to us, especially as precautions from the pandemic have eased.”

So how does Kansas compare to the national average? GasBuddy says the Sunflower State currently sits at $3.36 average, with the highest-priced station at $3.99 and the cheapest at $2.95.

Prices in the Capital City mirror the Kansas average. GasBuddy reports the average cost for fuel in Topeka is $3.38, almost $0.30 higher than prices a year ago. The cheapest station in Topeka was reportedly at $3.20 with the most expensive at $3.49.

GasBuddy recommends the following advice to help motorists save money at the pump for the holidays this year:

  • Shop around for the best prices. The first gas station you see isn’t always the cheapest and driving a few extra blocks can save drivers upwards of 30 cents per gallon.
  • Slow down on the road. Aggressive driving habits like speeding, rapid acceleration and hard braking can cost drivers hundreds of extra dollars per year in fuel consumption.
  • Watch out for state lines. Differences in state and local taxes can make filling up cheaper or more expensive if you’re crossing state lines on our trip. If traveling through multiple states, check the GasBuddy app to compare prices before filling up.